Food Menu

All Day Breakfast

Anvil Granola
With seasonal fruit & coconut yogurt 13.5 (V/GF/DF)

Coffee infused chia pudding
With seasonal fruit & whipped yogurt (V/GF/DF)

Eggs on toast
2 poached eggs or fried eggs served on sourdough 12
-Bacon 4
-Avocado 4
-Smoked salmon 5

Japanese pancake, kewpie mayo, BBQ sauce, bonito flakes, Nori &a fried egg 15

Miso crushed peas
Served 2 poached eggs and smoked salmon on sourdough 17
-Halloumi 5

Pesto creamed oats
With spinach puree, shaved ham, acid butter and poached egg 16
-Mushrooms 4

Anvil Bowl
Crushed peas, avocado, house pickles, seasonal greens, hummus, garlic quinoa 16 V/DF/GF
-Poached Egg 3
-Bacon 4
-Halloumi 5

Deluxe Bacon Egg Roll

With rocket, relish & caramelised onion 13.5
-Mushrooms 4

Arabian Eggs

Poached eggs, natural yoghurt, mint, caramelised onion and dukkha
-Bacon 4
-Avocado 4

Bacon 4
Chorizo 5
Mushrooms 4
Avocado 4
Wilted Greens 4
Smoked Salmon 5
Halloumi 5
Poached egg 3


Classic beef burger

With pickles, lettuce, American cheese on a milk bun 15

Tandoori Chicken Burger

Served on a milk bun with cabbage & coriander slaw yogurt, tahini dressing & lime pickle 15

Slow Roasted Salmon

Brown rice bowl, slow-cooked salmon, avocado, sesame, tamari, nori, kimchi, pickles & boiled egg 17

The Ivan

Chicken, smoked paprika, quinoa, currants & kale salad served with two poached eggs 16 (DF/GF)

Ham & cheese toastie

Shaved leg ham, cheese & house made tomato relish on sourdough 8.5
Add side salad 12.5

Chicken basil toastie

Poached chicken, basil, chili, cheese on sourdough 10

Add sides salad 14

No substitutions thank you

Any dietary requirements please ask our friendly staff

Something for the little dudes


Fried/Poached eggs with soldiers 6

Ham and cheese croissant 7.5

Mini bacon & egg roll 6.5 Banana Bread 5


Mini cheeseĀ burgerĀ 8

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