Food Menu

Served from 7.00am till 2pm

Granola or chia seed pudding
Whipped coconut yogurt, fruit compote, seasonal fruit, flowers (DF/GF) 13 

Sourdough toast
Butter, honey, house made jam, vegemite, peanut butter 6

Eggs on toast
Sourdough toast, 2 eggs (poached or scrambled) 12

Basil pesto scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs, fresh pesto, tomato and bocconcini salad, toast 16

Avocado goats cheese

Avocado salsa, goats cheese, pomegranate aril, fresh herbs, olive oil, citrus 15

No substitutions
Dukkha poached eggs

2 poached eggs, dukkha, yoghurt, mint, pomegranate aril, toast. With chorizo or halloumi 16

Chard corn fritters

Poached eggs, corn fritters, smoked salmon, greens, yogurt, lemon vinaigrette, fresh herbs (DF) 19

Breakfast plate

Quinoa sweet potato fritters, wilted greens, beetroot hummus, greens, pickled veg, poached egg 16
Add poached chicken (DF/GF) 19

Arabian eggs
Poached eggs, Greek yogurt, burnt butter with cumin & lemon juice, onion jam, mint 16

bacon, chorizo, avocado salsa,
wilted greens 4 each
smoked salmon, halloumi, quinoa fritters 5 each


Served from 10.30am till 2pm

Chicken curry
Kaffir lime and coconut chicken curry (DF/GF) 16

Slow cooked Moroccan beef

With Israel couscous and Greek yoghurt 18

Chicken burger 

Spicy marinated chicken breast, chili aioli, greens, and cheese 15

Porky burger 

Slow cooked pork, garlic aioli slaw, cheese and pickles 16

Please ask our friendly staff for our selection of cakes and treats

Soup of the day
Please ask our friendly staff

Reuben sandwich 13.5
Slow cooked pulled beef, pickle, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese & Russian dressing
+side salad 17.5

Ham & cheese toastie 8.5
Ham, cheese & house made tomato relish
+ side salad 12.5

Chicken basil & cheese toastie 10
Poached chicken, basil, pesto & cheese
+side salad 14

The Ivan
Chicken, roast paprika, quinoa, currants & kale salad served with two poached eggs (DF/GF) 16

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